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The story line begins with God taking the plunge with his laptop June into the Earthy material life. A plunge that makes him fall through life and is bound to end in death. Death smashes his laptop’s hard disc into tiny bits and pieces. The nonlinear narrative as a result tries to pick up these broken fragments and brings out God’s journey through the human body in its tree like statistical self-similarity with the Earth and the universe, which exists in an atom.
Action, Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi&Fantasy
Story but a hunter named Dean Winchester and how he escaped bein killed by hell hounds and sent to hell. (based off the show Supernatural, but has my own thoughts. I just used some of the chars.)
Novel by:Roseytea Everyone has a story and every story has a beginning. Some tales are more interesting than others. Some, a very rare few, go on to become legends. Seeking adventure, Taryn leaves her home of Forthshire to explore the world but what she finds is not simply a journey but a destiny.
The Blight of Beacon is set up to be book 1 of the Crossover Chronicles – a fantasy book series. It's about 12 year old Miranda and her shock discovery of her magical powers.
Part of this journey to becoming a published author is learning to share things about myself. I think it’s harder than writing! I’ve loved telling stories for most of my life and to create worlds I could escape into, living life as my characters do. I’m so thrilled to have my debut novel, No Fantas ...

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