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Romance, Sci-Fi&Fantasy
The story line begins with God taking the plunge with his laptop June into the Earthy material life. A plunge that makes him fall through life and is bound to end in death. Death smashes his laptop’s hard disc into tiny bits and pieces. The nonlinear narrative as a result tries to pick up these broken fragments and brings out God’s journey through the human body in its tree like statistical self-similarity with the Earth and the universe, which exists in an atom.
Comedy, Romance
A heated one night stand becomes a chase around the world when one of them wakes in the morgue with the realization that he finally found the woman for him, however, she caught her plane home after signing his death certificate.
Action, Fiction, Romance, Teens
Story of a teen ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. His villaged his attacked 7 times on on the 8th him and his freinds lose. To aviod being captured by a group, called the Akatsuki, who want him cause of the Nine Tailed Fox that's inside of him, he flees and goes into hidin. While in hidin he trains to be the best ninja possible, then heads back to the village and this is where the story begins
Poetry&Lyrics, Romance
A letter from one lover to another. Ends with a short poem that leaves with a strong emotion.
Action, Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi&Fantasy
Story but a hunter named Dean Winchester and how he escaped bein killed by hell hounds and sent to hell. (based off the show Supernatural, but has my own thoughts. I just used some of the chars.)
Poetry&Lyrics, Romance
A poem about love
About a girl, who's struggling with her dad getting re-married, she seeks comfort from her best friend. You'll see if you read. :)
A short story by Kathy Neise: I can hear children playing in the yard next door. There’s Bobby, who’s nine; Timmy’s five; and Sammy is seven. None of these children are mine, but I watch them just the same from my window
Part of this journey to becoming a published author is learning to share things about myself. I think it’s harder than writing! I’ve loved telling stories for most of my life and to create worlds I could escape into, living life as my characters do. I’m so thrilled to have my debut novel, No Fantas ...

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