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Review: Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna

Magically fascinating in plot and characters, VEILED TRUTH makes you believe the unique city of Necropolis can actually exist.

 The Valorian Chronicles series continues with another captivating look inside the lives of Otherworldly beings and how crimes are solved by some of their own. Vivi Anna let her imagination take VEILED TRUTH to new heights, as fervent passions, dark mysteries and perilous danger intertwine.

When circumstances lead to Lyra Magice and Theron LeNoir working together, she is not at all happy. Lyra is a witch who works for the Otherworld Crime Unit and uses her abilities to get to the bottom of crimes in Necropolis. There have been several unsolved murders in her city, and she is determined to get answers to the many questions her team has encountered. She met the charming Frenchman, who is half vampire/half witch, once before and knows she could easily fall under his charismatic spell. However, Theron has a book in his possession which could possibly help to decipher some of the clues left at the murder scenes, so Lyra will try to work with the man and ignore the mounting desire she feels whenever they are together.

As a consultant to the OCU, Theron would like to stop the dark evil which he fears is in this city. Even though he harbors some secrets about his past, he hopes they will not make a difference in his present life, especially if Lyra should happen to discover them. He was intrigued by the witch when they met before, and he finds himself becoming even more entranced as they spend time together working on the case. When another person is killed, a high official is a potential suspect and this causes more complications during the investigation. Making matters worse, Theron thinks Lyra may become a victim of the possible demonic activity in the city. As their inner secrets and desires constantly battle, this couple must come to trust each other or all may be lost to them.

Creatively talented in numerous genres, Vivi Anna never disappoints her readers. With enthralling storylines and dynamic characters, each book by this gifted author will keep one totally engrossed in every compelling scene. There is not a page of VEILED TRUTH which does not offer something to capture the thoughts of the reader and pull them even more into the story. From the first, there are intriguing scenarios and mysteries to be solved, where each new revelation further grabbed my interest. As the OCU uncovered facts about this disturbing case, the anxiety levels of its members escalate and their dissimilar personalities show their concern in different ways. Although these individuals are supernatural beings, they still come across as very human in how they react to situations plus the emotions they portray. The spirited natures of Theron and Lyra are especially engaging, as these two had secrets but their inner feelings are hard to contain when facing troubling circumstances. These extremely honest emotions are depicted with such sincere openness, and I found myself responding likewise to their anguish or joy. The longing between this couple is revealed with heartfelt desires, and also beautifully told through word and deed. VEILED TRUTH will leave the reader feeling completely satisfied, as this is a noteworthy story in every aspect.  Silhouette Nocturne

posted by: Brandy Day (Aphrodite) Updated October 6, 2008 4:44 PM

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